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Visual Images is an artistic name, to cover the vast array of art forms that I specialise in.
My Name Is Danielle B Latta, and I am an artist; I am a drawer, a painter, an illustrator, a photographer, an author, graphic designer and a web designer





Art has always been part of my life. My first serious step into the art world was through commissioned portraits (in chalk pastel) from the age of 17 to support my BA in Graphic Design course at Charles Sturt University.

My next focus was with pencil and having no formal training in visual art I was able to refine my drawing skills through my 6 years of drawing for Walt Disney Australia.


From here my drawing style virtually exploded into an exploration of the imagination, and how mood and emotion can be expressed more freely without being confined with structured reality. AKA Fantasy art

The mediums and styles I work with now ranges from Digital Design, Oil and Chalk Pastels, acrylic paint, pencil, Photography and a digital blend of the two which I am now using in my illustrations and storytelling.






I believe art appreciation is not just about liking or disliking a picture,

you cannot make someone like an image.


People get what they need, and see what they want to see in relation to their lives or moments in them. An Artworks creation is about emotion and mood whether conveyed, inspired or driven and it’s the viewer’s connection to an image that ultimately decides its success.


My drawings are created from the imagination but shaped by experiences visual, mental and physically. Early works are huddled, bound and sometime angry images full of the frustrations and fear of starting out alone in the world. Doted in amongst these works are gentle detailed works, the relaxed enjoyment and exploration begins. Works now are more fun, joyful and full of strong poses and about story telling.



To me photography is not just about capturing a time, place or event but creating a visually appealing or emotional evoking image, no matter the subject.





Design is present in any art, whether Graphic, Digital or Artistic. With the use of Adobe Muse, I am able to blend the three like never before, and create

visually appealing and interactive design.

Such is my passion for design that I offer many of my services for free to parts of the arts community. Recently I have launched my new Internet arts directory, TheOriginals. It is a regional collective of artists from the Northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.

TheOriginals comprises of FREE directory listings(FADL) to affordable Full Personal Online Galleries. This directory is designed as an artists support group, utilizing, the Internet, Facebook, twitter, print media and physical group exhibitions, to promote all aspects of participating artists.

Allowing artists an Online presence no matter their financial or technical situation.







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